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The Cyprus Weekly - 'Up Periscope' 08.-14. Feb 2002


We confess that we did not tell the whole truth about the ambelopoulia in our issue of January 25-31.

An all important aspect of the story had to be left out in order not to make it more revolting than it already was.
But we feel we owe it, not only to those defenceless little creatures that are caught and killed, but also to those in whose stomachs they end up, because of the effect on their health. And we are talking about the health of the nation here!

People who like to eat ambelopoulia - and most do - often complain of an upset stomach afterwards. This they usually attribute to having gulped down too many little birds without chewing them properly. Well, weve got news for them!

The reason for their intestinal protest is that ambelopoulia are almost always sold and served whole, that is without getting rid of their entrails. And, of course, in their tiny little stomachs they carry whatever they have been feeding on: insects, worms, bacteria etc, etc.

The reason why ambelopoulia are marketed whole is purely economical. Enough time is spent on plucking the feathers of each bird, and it wouldn't be profitable if more time were wasted to remove the entrails as well. So, the poachers have cleverly spread the word around that the most savoury part of the ambelopoulia is their entrails.
The motto goes "gulp it down whole." And so does the gullible Cypriot - insects, worms and all - at CYP 2 each.

(WARNING: This is not a joke)

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